Summer Series

Theater People Podcast Presents:
Summer Series 2016

What Can We Expect? How is Summer Series Unique?
Summer Series events is one part live show, one part meet-and-greet, and one part hang out session. The doors will open 1 hour prior to the start of the show, and the audience is encouraged to come early and mingle! WE WANT TO MEET YOU! Come hang out with Patrick, Producer Mike, and your fellow Theater People. We’ll play show tunes on our amazing sound system, and there will be a cash bar with food and wine -- so come early, have fun, and let’s get excited for the show together!

Once the show starts you can expect a live version of the podcast—Patrick will ask BRILLIANT questions, and the artist will be charming and funny. When the talking is done, the artist will sing a song or two along with our live accompanist. After that, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions of the artist. Once that wraps up, the artist will stick around for a little bit (schedule permitting) to sign CDs, take photos, and tell you how pretty and/or handsome you are!


How Much Will It Cost?
$10. That’s it. No food or drink minimum. Our goal is to cover the cost of the event, not to make a profit. We will have the artist’s CDs available for purchase (that money goes directly to the artist, of course!). We will also have a refreshments bar where we will have wine and snacks available for purchase, so remember to bring cash if you’re interested in purchasing (if you plan to drink wine, please bring state issued photo ID).


Where Will The Summer Series Take Place?
The shows will take place at Pearl Studios (500 8th Avenue, 12th Floor). The idea behind using a studio space rather than a traditional performance venue is to keep the cost down. At Pearl Studios, we set the price, and we don’t have to charge a food or drink minimum. Also, you don’t have to be 21 to come!


Who Do You Have Lined Up?

  • Summer Series kicks off on Sunday, May 8th at 6pm (doors open at 5pm) with the gorgeous, hilarious, unbelievably talented Lesli Margherita.
  • The second Summer Series event will take place on Sunday, June 19th at 6pm (doors open at 5pm) and will feature the absolutely divine Lindsay Mendez.
  • The third Summer Series event will take place on Sunday, July 17th at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) and will feature one of our all-time favorite musical theater beltresses: Eden Espinosa.
  • The fourth Summer Series event will take place on Sunday, August 7th at 6pm (doors open at 5pm) and will feature the glorious Laura Osnes.

We are currently working on our July show. We will announce the guest and the date once they are confirmed. It is very important that we make clear that the artists are subject to change based on their availability.


How Do I Get Tickets?
Tickets for three shows are available: Lesli Margherita, Lindsay Mendez, Eden Espinosa, and Laura Osnes. Space is very limited and tickets will go fast, so if you’re interested in attending we strongly suggest that you purchase tickets ahead of time. If you purchased regular or VIP tickets to our next live show via our Kickstarter campaign, check your email inbox -- you have an email from Patrick explaining how to claim your tickets.


What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • We are not recording the shows for broadcast. If you want to experience Summer Series, you’ll need to be in the room where it happens!
  • Our guests are subject to change based on their availability. We promise to bring you conversations with the best in the business, just remember that they are in demand, so we may need to switch things up at the last minute!


Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Do you want to suggest a guest? Email me!


Summer Series 2016 Schedule

May 8, 2016
Lesli Margherita


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June 19, 2016
Lindsay Mendez


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July 17, 2016
Eden Espinosa


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August 7, 2016
Laura Osnes

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